Remember that owning a dog is a lifelong commitment with a variety of responsibilities; if you cannot meet those responsibilities, neither you or your dog will be happy. Evaluate your lifestyle before you decide that you really want a dog.


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Litter 3: born 4th October 2015 (click for more info..)

Litter 2: born 21st February 2012 (click for more info..)

Litter 1: born 8th of March 2009 (click for more info..)

Puppies born 26th August 2017

It was confirmed by the ultrasound that Latifa was carrying only two puppies and here they are - a boy and a girl, both nicely ridged, no sinus, no kinks. Please refer to links on the left for more photos.

Aust Ch Usakose Girlwitha DragonTattoo (AI)

Sire: *CHUCK*
Aust Ch Caprivi Im Chuck Bass